Subject: INFORMATION NOTE pursuant to art. 13 Leg. D. N.196/2003 Privacy Consolidating actCode on the subject of protection of personal data FLYHOSTESS GROUP withregard to art. 13 of the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 Code on thesubject of protection of personal data,


1. that for the purpose of complying with the foreseen fulfilments ofthe legislation in force as regards protection of personal data of itsown clients/suppliers, the company FLYHOSTESS effects the processingof the data principally with electronic and information instruments,memorised on electronic media or hardcopy or on any other type ofsuitable media, and that in respect of the minimum security measuresand according to criteria of lawfulness, correctness andconfidentiality, in full protection of the rights of the interestedparties;

2. that the personal data will be processed by the company FLYHOSTESS GROUP without monetary aims:

a. the fulfilment of obligations under law, from regulations undercommunity standards and for the fulfilment of accounting and fiscalduties as well as allowing efficient administrative management ofreciprocal relationships;

b. to allow a steady supply of servicesrequested and offered and other information relative to servicesrequested or subscribed or confirmed by letter, sent by fax or byelectronic post and, restricted to the performance which provides aconsideration, to provide the relative billing and consequent fiscalfulfilments;

c. for contractual obligations or in relation tocontractual needs, or for the acquisition of pre-contractualinformation;

3. that your personal data is acquired directly from the

INTERESTED PARTY, or otherwise obtained in the sphere of the companysactivity;

4. that the acquisition of personal data is carried out withthe exclusive purpose as at the preceding point 2) and, wherenecessary, is considered indispensable to be able to proceed tosuccessive fulfilment. In this case non conferral of the data in theform requested will impede delivery of the services or performancelinked to them;

5. that the personal data will be processed for thewhole length of the contractual relations established and alsosubsequently for the execution of legal requirements and forcommercial aims;

6. that no circulation of the same is foreseen for apurpose different to that for which it was collected/communicated andit will not be circulated to third parties, with the exclusion of cases in which they will be pointed out to :

a. subsequent bodies or authorities to whom the data must becommunicated due to legal obligations (for example Internal revenueservices, state or local);

b. companies, bodies or professionals whoon behalf of the undersigned perform specific tasks having accountancyand fiscal purposes;

c. companies and bodies (such as, for example,insurance companies and banks) for exclusively administration purposesrelating to receipts or the release of possible guarantees requiredfor the execution of contracts; d. subsequent parties who performfunctions closely connected or instrumental to the activity of theundersigned company (for example agents, transporters or other bodiesfor auxiliary supply services);

7. that the DATA CONTROLLER of theprocessing is the company FLYHOSTESS and that the data collected isprocessed by the employees of the undersigned company in their role asPERSONS IN CHARGE of processing. The data can be processed on thepremises of the undersigned company or the offices of fiscalconsultancies, as well as possible other professionals, to whom amandate has been given for accounting processes and all in their competence;

8. that the INTERESTED PARTY (art. 7 Leg. Dec. n. 196/2003) has the right to :a. obtain confirmation of the existence or lack thereof of thepersonal data that concerns him, even if not yet recorded, and itscommunication in an intelligible form; b. to be informed of the originof the personal data, of the purposes and methods of the processing;

c. to be informed of the logic applied in the case of processingcarried out by means of electronic tools;

d. to know of the compulsoryor voluntary nature of the conveyance of the data;

e. to know theidentification details of the DATA CONTROLLER and of the individual incharge, tasked or delegated by the latter with the processing of thepersonal data as DATA SUPERVISOR of the processing;

f. to know theparties and the category of parties to whom the personal data may becommunicated, or who may otherwise come to know of it as DATASUPERVISORS or PERSONS IN CHARGE, and the sphere of circulation of thedata itself;

g. to obtain the updating, integration, and correction ofthe data (only if of an objective nature; if subjective in nature onlyits existence and acknowledgement can be requested);

h. to obtain thedeletion, anonymous transformation or a freeze on information inviolation of the law, including that whose conservation is notnecessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected orsubsequently processed, when processing ceases for whatever cause; obtain the statement that the operations as shown in precedinglettersg) e h) have been made known, also as regards their content, to thoseto whom the data has been communicated or circulated, except the casein where such fulfilment would be impossible or involve a use of meansmanifestly disproportionate with respect to the protected right

j. tobe opposed, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of data whichconcerns him even if pertaining to the purposes of the collection; be opposed, in whole or in part, to the processing of the personaldata which concerns him for the purposes of advertising or directsales material or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.The present document replaces any other preceding communication on the subject.